Fish and Chips. Order It.

Hi everyone. I gather quite a few of you started work today. Me? Not quite yet. I think I’ll knock around Knysna and Plett for a bit longer thank you very much. I’m lucky enough to have a place in both of these awesome towns and love them both. The Knysna abode is on the Heads and is literally just above Cornuti, where I have spent several long and difficult hours hard at work for you trying to find out what the best wine and food on offer is. (I’ll let you know in due time of course). The other day I thought I’d give the less fancied restaurant on the Eastern Head (creatively dubbed The East Head Cafe) a go for lunch. Let’s have a look.

A few years ago this place was…how do I say this nicely….well, quite shitty. I’m glad to say it has been taken over and been given a nice facelift. Touches of funky African prints and cushions offset an otherwise pale colour scheme and the outside area has been redone with wooden tables and a bedouin tent to properly make use of a really spectacular setting. It’s casual, “slip-slop” stuff, typified by the fact that I could take Elvis along.
To eat I went with a jalepeno burger which showed very little sign of heat. The patty was decent enough, well cooked and definitely home made. The star was The Queen’s fish and chips though. Let me just say, The Queen has been hard at work too. Unselfishly eating fish and chips throughout the holiday until she could find a winner, she announced it here. The batter crunched with every cut and prod, the flesh was moist but not oily and the chips were perfect. A couple of beers washed it down and we left happy. Look, it could’ve gone very differently as a result of Elvis lifting his leg on a guest’s bag. Yeah, not great. Luckily the dude was obsessed with bulldogs and was totally cool about it.
Anyway, if you’re looking for something cheap and cheerful and you’re in Knysna check this place out. It’s a good alternative to the hectic queue you’ll get at Cornuti.
Jamie Who